How to find a specific sewing pattern on


Several customers have recently e-mailed me to ask if I have a specific sewing pattern stock.  So, I thought I would share a simple way for you to directly check stock on for the sewing pattern you are looking for.

First, go to the website  When the homepage comes up look for the “Search” function which is located under the site name/logo in the top left corner.



Now just enter the pattern number, or brand and number, then click the search function looking-glass symbol.  Within seconds all sewing patterns in stock, with that number, will appear on your screen.

If you know the Brand, but not the sewing pattern number, you may click on the menu item “Brands” (This is found above the “Search” function and right next to the site name.) This will open up a drop down window which will list all the Brands stocked.

If however I have less than five copies of a specific Brand I list these as “Other” .  So please check “Other” in this Brand drop down menu as I have hundreds of other Brands in that section.  Then just scroll through pages and pages of delightful sewing patterns.

If you don’t know the Brand or the sewing pattern number, but know that you are looking for something specific, for example an evening dress sewing pattern.  In this case hover your mouse over the menu item “Women”, a drop down menu will appear listing all types of women’s sewing patterns including “Evening Wear”.  Select this and all the sewing patterns related to evening wear will appear – all 12 pages.  Or maybe you are looking for a dress sewing pattern.  In that case you would select “Dresses”  Here you will find 111 pages of wonderful sewing patterns!

I hope you found this helpful, happy shopping.