Looking for ideas to sew for this seasons Craft Show?

It is the time of year to sew for the seasons craft shows.  I have some lovely sewing patterns to inspire some great new projects and projects.

For Thanksgiving there are sewing patterns for decorative Turkey’s, Pumpkin table center pieces and table setting.  View these sewing patterns at Thanksgiving Sewing Patterns.  There are at least 19 unique patterns for you to choose from.

For Christmas I have  92 sewing patterns ranging from decorations, costumes, wall hangings, stockings or table settings.  Visit Christmas Sewing Patterns for all sorts of seasonal ideas.

For none seasonal ideas caste your eyes to Bags & Totes, Dolls Clothes, or something for your fury friends to be found at Pets Sewing Patterns, or unique stuffed toys at Stuffed Toy Sewing Patterns.

Happy sewing