Sewing Pattern Shopping Made Convenient and Fun

Convenient and fun shopping for vintage and recycled sewing patterns is most important thing we wanted to achieve with our online sewing pattern store.

It’s convenient because you can shop right there in your home, car or anywhere any time. And fun because of the huge range of sewing patterns – from Era going back as far as 1940’s; to Brands like Vogue, Simplicity and so many more; and then by categories covering everything from Home Décor to Evening Wear.

So with that plan in mind we set about building out and adding our listings – a task still in process as we have literally tens of thousands of sewing patterns to offer. From the very rare to the more common place, all are vintage and/or recycled. Some are factory fold uncut and others have been used. Each used pattern is checked to make sure all pattern pieces and instructions are accounted for.

So, welcome to the second week of Visit often as we are listing every day – bookmark this site, and don’t forget to register for our Newsletter. We will send you updates on special new listings and even coupons from time to time.

Happy sewing!