I started collecting sewing patterns in 2012. In 2013, I opened my Etsy shop offering authentic vintage and recycled sewing patterns. Since then I have sold more then 2,000 patterns and received great reviews from customers.
I offer a huge selection of patterns from the following leading brands:
to lesser known brands including (but not limited to):
I am constantly adding to my sewing pattern collection, so visit often. Most of my sewing patterns are factory fold and uncut. However, I do also carry used sewing patterns that have been cut. You will tell the difference by these terms: Uncut = Factory fold, uncut     Used = Cut pattern that has been used. Every used sewing pattern is checked before it is shipped out to make sure all the pieces are there together with instructions. Because these sewing patterns are vintage and recycled, the envelopes vary in quality. This website has been built to make finding your perfect sewing pattern as easy as possible. I have also added useful links in “Resources” on how to size or resize a sewing pattern up or down, and tips on working with vintage sewing patterns. Please feel free to email me any suggestions that you have to improve the website. Our goal is to make the shopping experience at Pattern-Walk efficient and fun. I do buy sewing patterns. E-mail me if you wish to sell your sewing patterns. Thank you so much for browsing and shopping with us, and making Pattern-Walk your source for sewing patterns. sig PS: Register for our Newsletter for updates and special offers (we will never share or sell your email address). PPS: Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
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